This morning I was talking to my best friend. We were reading old emails from a few years ago when we were in very different places in our lives living with big questions about who we are and what we wanted out of life.

I already had the answers

Our communication to each other was often framed as though we were speaking out loud, to our own hearts. As I read page after page of the personal struggles of that time, some key phrases stuck out. And then the most amazing thing happened – I realized that the answers I was looking for at the time were all there… in the emails!

It was as if I was reading various perspectives on my life at the time, from different people living inside of me. I was seeing how I unconsciously gave voice to them all: the lover, the empowered independent, the mother, the visionary, the girlfriend, the daughter, the artist.

In deep inquiry, I naturally called upon and gave voice to my multiple selves.

Encoded in that email, I discovered that I already knew what I wanted at the time. Not the logistical stuff, but the feeling and the vision for my life was already very real inside of me. All I had to do was say yes! to what was alive inside me, trying to grow.

Eventually I did say yes, but in the moments of trying to figure-it-all-out I remember feeling limited by the options in my life. I was conscious of only a few realities that existed in my mind and reading those emails was like seeing a schizophrenic mind battle between my multiple selves, all of them wanting to lead the next phase of my life. But the reality of who I wanted to be when I closed my eyes… that I always knew and as evidence to it’s power (conscious or not) I am now in the vision I had of myself two years ago.

Listen to yourself

The reason why I share is is that all this law of attraction stuff has me thinking a lot about the choices we think we have and the power we think we have to create the reality we want. I don’t believe in rules for attracting what you want.

Naturally, I think your heart knows and the best thing you can do is get to know your own heart and listen intently. How to do that is really of your own creation, but it can help to look to the past to recognize patterns in your life, or better develop an awareness of all your multiples selves and understand who’s taking the lead right now!

Pay close attention to what you already know – you are wiser than you think.