– Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (1)

For me, Yoga is quite simply a chance to practice being curious – about your body, about sensation, about your feelings and thoughts, about your life. To teach Yoga is to encourage this loving curiosity in others. The root of my teaching style is in the natural instinct to move the body. It’s as instinctual as the drive to unconsciously stretch across your bed in the morning. The impulse to move energy and create space, is always there… guiding us to live into the potential of the moment.

Kripalu Yoga

I chose to follow in the Kripalu lineage because it emphasizes that yoga is for everyone. It is designed to adapt to all body types, ages, fitness levels and interests using asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), meditation (moment-to-moment awareness), and the flow of prana (life-force energy).

Called the yoga of compassion, Kripalu yoga invites you to develop witness consciousness (observing activity of the mind) by practicing non-judgmental self-awareness. It guides you to move at your own pace to explore your edges and honour your body’s needs in each moment. As you tap into source power and discover meditation-in-motion you are invited to develop your own unique yoga from within.

With an understanding that people are multidimensional beings that are linked creativity and spirituality, Kripalu Yoga promotes itself as an integrated lifestyle practice that encourages taking what is learned “off the mat” and into daily life.

Find Your Yoga: Develop a personal practice

1:1 private yoga with Harlene | 12-week at home immersion

Imagine how much differently your day would be if you had a morning practice? Then imagine how much better you’d sleep if you ended your day with an evening practice. People all over the world are practicing at home in order to heal themselves and build strength of mind, body and spirit. With the right support and mentorship, you can develop and maintain a consistent yoga practice at home.

Who is this for?

This is for beginners to intermediate practitioners who simple want support and mentorship practicing yoga at home.

What will you need?

Yoga mat, 2 blocks, bolster, strap, blanket (I can advise on these purchases)

What we’ll cover together:

  • Pranayama – learned breathing techniques
  • Meditation – practices to cultivate moment to moment awareness
  • Asana – exploration of physical poses
  • Understanding the flow of Prana – life-force energy
  • Building your practice from the ground up in a balance of strength and stretch
  • Modification of poses to make them accessible for you
  • An understanding of how it all (pranayama, asana, meditation, prana) weaves together to create meditation-in-motion
  • Yoga assignments tailored to your specific needs
  • A personal toolbox of exercises techniques to practice for a lifetime
  • A home practice that you can commit to daily as you continue your yoga exploration

Find your yoga with me.

12-week Yoga Immersion $1800