Sketch of a person standing in tadasana yoga pose (standing pose)

Mountain Pose or Tadasana (tah-DAHS-anna) comes form the Sanskrit word tada for mountain. This shouldn’t be confused with Samasthiti (Even-Standing Pose or Standing Still). By some experts the two are not the same, but I’ve found that found Tadasana and Samasthiti are used inter-changeably by most. To-may-to, To-mah-to, the idea is still the same. To be able to stand evenly and firmly, poised and strong, maintaining a steady and still attention.

Iyengar is famous for saying: “You want to stand on your head and you don’t even know how to stand on your feet.” In that way Tadasana is learning/practicing how to stand so that we might cultivate the quality of Samasthiti in every pose, in every moment.

On the outside, it’s just standing right?

Tadasana is deceptive in that on a micro scale there is so much movement both inside and out being done in order to just stand still. The spreading of the toes; the distribution on your weight from your soles to your heels; the muscular strength of your legs; your tailbone tucked; the rising out of your waist; your navel drawing in to your spine; the re-positioning of your floating ribs; rolling your shoulders back and down; pressing up through the crown; the polarity of forces: grounding down into stability and rising up into another plane of being. An awakening of full and total presence.

(Inhale, Deep Long Sigh………)

I love yoga. 🙂