My friend and fellow life coach Mariona Riera said it the other day. For some reason I couldn’t stop thinking about all the ways you can end this sentence: when you’re in the box…

  • people are labeled.
  • people are dollars.
  • you’re not in any other box.
  • there are limitations.
  • people can’t cry or go for a nap.
  • someone wants to tape it up!
  • you’re trying to find a way out!

I have always been most comfortable on the fringe…. at the far edge of a parking lot, close to the bus stop where I can see the BIG PICTURE. I like to draw things into context because that’s how my brain works and this is how I feel useful and valuable. Being in a box is my worst nightmare, however I am currently exploring the possibility of working with the box. I’m willing to try working with the framework, just not in it — and I want to do this as an artist, not as a consultant, as an ARTIST.

I want to deconstruct the box. (Thank You Jacques Derrida) I want to turn boxes inside-out, wear boxes on my head, and make stencils out of boxes, remix the box, fill boxes with beans and shake them up! I want to do it this way because I really do feel that I have a responsibility to re-define how artists are valued, demonstrate other ways they can make traditional work environments better and even create vibrant and dynamic non-traditional environments.

To some extent being an artist means being stuck in an outdated box. People assume you are an object maker — you draw, paint paintings, and build sculptures. You’re “un-hirable” because not everyone can read what’s hiding behind the technical skills. Break out of this box for a minute and explore the other skills required in order to have an artist mindset and you have someone who can:

  • offset the right-brained deficit
  • think critically and question the status quo
  • translate concepts visually, kinetically, or experientially
  • dream of what’s possible and create imagined realities
  • work with metaphor, narrative and emotion
  • stimulate expression, begin a dialogue or thought exchange
  • risk, experiment and innovate

When you’re out of the box, you are set free into a world of possibility – to dream, to transition, to re-create yourself and your life. The artist in you knows how to do this. The question is, will you let it?