Fierce Love

A self-care group intensive for women

You have a lot on the go – you’re ambitious, big-thinking, driven, super creative, idea-oriented, excitable, entrepreneurial, a life-long learner, and then some!

But you’re having a hard time with something important. You can’t seem to prioritize BASIC and ESSENTIAL self-care and make it habitual.

It’s certainly not that you’re lazy, but sometimes you really feel trapped. You…

  • tend to get overwhelmed and stuck into your head
  • know your vices and wish you could sucker-punch your bad habits
  • feel like you are living below your potential, despite knowing you are kinda fabulous
  • are tired of the part of your life that perpetually “needs improvement”

And you truly get that it all starts with YOU. You know that when you commit to a course of action – the world opens up. So I want to invite you along on this important jouney for a small group of women who know it’s time to make a few important changes to honour and care for themselves.

Ready to press reset on your life and begin again?

Fierce Love: an effortless practice of self-care

Fierce Love is a daily habit. It’s like putting on a pair of glasses every morning and seeing a world full of new possibilities, from the lens of deep love and reverence for your own life, and others.

It starts by going deep into your heart, tending to your wounds and uncovering the stories that keep you suffering and in pain. It asks you what you most need in order to be filled up each day and allows you to practice the tiniest of shifts in thinking and being to bring new awareness and understanding to every aspect of your life.

It opens your eyes wide to the opportunity to tell a different story, to create a better reality by living from the heart with a love so fierce for your own body, mind, soul that it spills over into every other aspect of your life.


Deep down, if you know that LOVE is really the most transformative force, then this journey is for you.

I felt heard, seen, supported, and inspired to deepen my understanding of who and what I am. My exploration continues and like an angel, her voice speaks to me, encouraging me, to trust my own heart.

Luana Life

Marketing Coordinator, Vermont

8-week Group Coaching Immersion

+ 1:1 coaching    + exclusive online community

Your intensive includes:

  • 8 simple, practical and refreshingly creative discovery exercises
  • 1-on-1 phone sessions with a fiercely committed coach
  • Weekly group calls with other powerful women
  • Private Facebook group to share tools and process, practice accountability, reciprocity, and to build energy and momentum beyond the program
  • Forever access to the online tribe to keep surfing the waves of self-care

Turn down the nonsense, Turn up the wisdom.

Practice leading from within, in a world that is always telling you what to do. Fierce Love activates the part of you ready to take the lead in all areas of your life with courage and tenderness. It guides you to strip back, engage with what you already know and strengthen that!  

1:1 coaching jumpstarts your heart. 

Working intimately with a professional you trust makes the journey come alive in your life. Your weekly personal coaching sessions encourage you to carve your own path, dive deeper into exploration and lock-in your unique lessons for the most sustainable change. 

We don’t do anything alone.

One of the main reasons short-term group intensives work is because when we are called to rise up, we do. When we tap into the collective consciousness, we know. When we speak our truth, we heal. When we are inspired, the make changes. When we take action, we are powerful. When our greatness is witnessed, we are liberated.

Harlene’s eclectic wisdom came to me at a time when I had lost sight of my path. She helped me to rise and stand tall after I’d crumbled. I would recommend Harlene to anyone ready to work hard. She is an endless vessel of intuition and offers a myriad of practical tools. She’s truly amazing!

Hazel V.

Actor & Producer, Whitehorse, YT

Are You Ready to Join the Tribe?

I can’t wait to welcome you.

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How I fell in deep.

I would act without thinking, take a lot on, push myself and call it discipline, call it tough love, ignore my inner voice, because it never FULLY occurred to me that I could be doing myself harm.

When I truly understood the yogic virtue Ahimsa I went into shock. Even though I was very aware of the practice of non-violence, ’cause no injury’ or ‘do no harm’ in concept, it was as if I was hearing it for the first time, because in a bigger sense I was!

I had a heightened awareness of self-harm on all levels – how I sat, what I thought, what I believed, how I acted, how I felt, even how I loved. Finding all the subtle ways I would betray myself became a healthy practice over time, but the real revelation came to me at a critical point in my life when I was at my lowest.

‘Do no harm’ became an obsessive mantra when more than few areas of my life had been uprooted. I felt spun around. I was dizzy, disoriented, petrified and paralysed.

I needed something to grab hold of, when there was nothing to hold on to.

It was out of self-preservation that Fierce Love was born.  

I realized I had to:

  • Stop myself in that critical moment before the old story takes hold
  • Catch my personal mix of insanity creating patterns
  • Release the emotion, the belief, the thought, and the response
  • Realize the difference between ‘have to’ and ‘want to’
  • Rewrite the story – right then and there
  • Trust where I was in life and use what I had
  • Love more intently and consciously

Fierce Love became a practice of going to the very edge of ‘do no harm’ – to shake up everywhere in my life where I was self-hating, feeling unworthy, and running from vulnerability. Every day I tended to the garden of my own heart and began pulling up the weeds. As space gave way, the strong roots of a tree started to deepen – a soulful anchoring into who I am, embodying what I believe, and making the choices that are vital to being healthy, whole and fulfilled.


Practice with me. I’ve coached myself through my lowest of lows to my highest of highs – I welcome it all.

Harlene is magical.  Her sweet, supportive, yet direct coaching has brought me on a wild and sacred journey into my depths.  I’ve walked away from sessions, seeing the world in a completely new way. I am so grateful for the work I’ve done with Harlene. It has truly transformed my life.

Tamreh H.

Hoop Artist, Amherst, MA

Fierce Love is for you if you:

  • You are tired of being told what to do
  • You are willing to suspend your judgement and open up
  • You are open to not having the answers and living in the mystery
  • You want to get creative with what you already know
  • You want to feel whole, strong and resourceful
  • You want a real shake-up
  • You want a sustainable solution to your immediate problems
  • You want to develop a practice for the rest of your life

If you are like: “Yes please, give me all that and then some!”, then take a leap – JOIN.

Rapid Transformation. Incredible Value. 

The Breakdown:



  • 1-on-1 phone sessions with a fiercely committed coach – $2000 value
  • Weekly group calls, Q&A, live exercises – $1200 value
  • Private Facebook Tribe with other powerful women – $1000 value 
  • Forever access to the online tribe – priceless 

Harlene just gets it. She has a complete knack for understanding what someone is going through and knowing what to say or ask to bring you to the next level. She is and has been an invaluable support in my life through the navigation of unknown waters – in career, artistry, love, life and personal growth. In just a few months, I have witnessed changes occurring in so many areas of my life.

Lisa N.

Photographer & Graphic Designer, Hamilton, ON

Are You Ready to Join the Tribe?

I can’t wait to welcome you.

One Payment

save $200 with this option

2 payments

$1500 each
billed now + second payment in a month