We’re human. We mess-up, we feel burned, we feel scared, we hesitate and we retreat. These are among the multiplicity of our unconscious actions and reactions. We tend to think dualistically, in black or white, happy or sad, and either or. We run back and forth from this to that and it becomes how we spend most of the years we are alive. Disappointment, anxiety and suffering become the norm and then we wonder why happiness, joy and fulfillment are out of our grasp.

Change the story

I see human problems a lot like the dishes. The the sink will rarely ever be empty. As long as we are alive, dishes will always need washing. So why not change our relationship to them, respect the process. Why not elevate our relationship to our struggles? See them as remarkable opportunities to learn more about themselves and about life.

I lead by example so I can wholeheartedly commit to providing a safe and confidential space for you – who is awakening, transforming, and stretching into new ways of being. I help you honour the dark with the light, to not discriminate between chaos, stillness, mess, pain, wholeness, belonging, solitude, what’s sinful, what’s soulful. To welcome it all, gently, lovingly, and fiercely. Together we embrace the paradox, laugh hard at the bigger joke, linger in the mystery and above all sit perched in eager anticipation for more.

About Harlene

I’m different

I was born in the 70’s to a Dutch father and Filipina mother who ran a Greek “pizzeria” in the Canadian prairies. Harlene as a child, standing beside an old VW in the early 1980sI came into the world through a fusion which gave way to my instinct to weave together a diverse tapestry of interests and experiences. And that’s how I create my life. I like it abstract. Funky. Chilled. I break rules, redefine things, create new logic. I live through the questions, as opposed to seeking out answers. I let truth drop in unannounced. I make it up as I go along. Art, poetry, music, love, nature and all walks of life are my teachers.

I’m passionate

I’m the first one to cry in the movie theatre and the last one to leave. I like to start the dance floor and stay to the end to thank the DJ. I yell watching a match for the love of the game. I’ll pull over to watch the sunset in silence. I am constantly overcome by life. When I realize how alive I am, it moves me to tears. Every day is an adventure. Every moment counts. Every breath, I savour. I awake every morning with one thought: “Hell yes! One. more. day.”

I’m devoted

Service is a higher calling for me. I love holding space for people to unravel, to discover, to deeply feel, to laugh, to imagine, to dare, to lean into the unknown, to stretch and grow. I really want to know the people I work with and I’m sincere about it. I want to the get to the heart and soul of you. I offer myself so that you can share everything. No subject is off limits and I will take you to your edge. Think of your darkest secret or an issue you’ve been avoiding for years. There is space for it in our work. I mean that.